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If you want to accelerate your growth and build a legacy, then, Jeff McKay is the voice you want to hear. Articulate, Seasoned, Intelligent, Savvy, Strategic, Unique, and Powerful are familiar words used to describe Jeff McKay and his work.

Jeff shares the hard-won lessons from 20+ years living in the marketing hot seat helping firms accelerate growth and build legacies. McKay’s global professional services experience, his “karate kid” time in the auto parts industry, his nurturing leadership perspective, and his soft-spoken but direct perspective on life, make him a speaker you’re glad you heard.

Jeff speaks about strategy, digital transformation, and prudent leadership at conferences, senior roundtables, and leadership retreats.

Popular Presentations

The BS of PS: Overcoming the Dysfunctional Roadblocks to Growth –

Growth in professional services is essential. Growth provides scale, opportunity, strategic options, and wealth. But to pursue growth for the sake of growth is the mindset of a cancer cell.  If growth is not managed properly, it can cost a firm its soul.

Stupid Sh*t Marketing Should NOT Do This Year (and the Smart Sh*t They Should)

Instead of asking your marketing team to do these 29 things that waste time and money with little to no return, professional services firms should ask them to take these more strategically valuable actions that actually grow the firm.

Building a High-Performance Marketing Organization

Are you asking “What is the best marketing structure for a firm of our size?” Get the clarity you need to prioritize the people, process, and technology investments required to create a marketing function that drives growth.

The 20 Biggest Brand Mistakes Firms Make (And, How to Avoid Them)

According to a recent study, more than half of professional services chief marketing officers and CEOs believe their brands are from “very” to “extremely important,” but only a quarter feel their brands are “very helpful” to their success. Avoid these 20 mistakes that stall growth, disengage employees, hurt competitive positioning, and harm firm legacies.

Does Your Firm Have The Confidence To Be An Industry Leader?

Firms often label themselves as “…a Leading (fill in the blank) firm.” Leaders and marketers often believe that saying as much will speak the result into being. Unfortunately, being an industry leader requires much more than saying you are one.

    Building Your Firm’s Legacy

    The Purpose of a Leader – Culture shapes behavior—and leaders create culture. Not with posters, slogans, and mission statements, but with every human interaction. Not because people are watching. Not because they are “incentivized” to. They are doing it whether they are rewarded or seen. Leaders create cultures that reflect who they are. The ends we live for shape our lives and our firms. Cultures don’t change and systems do not self-correct. Change comes from within and it comes only when an individual opens himself or herself to it.

    Is Failing to Make Growth Decisions Causing Your Firm to Fail?  There exists no more powerful and dangerous organizational structure than a matrix. Properly managed, it unleashes innovation, collaboration, client-centricity, and high-performance teamwork. Mismanaged, it is the sand–pebbles, rocks, and boulders–in the gears of the growth machine. Every success, mishap, and opportunity seized or missed is the result of a decision that someone made or failed to make.

    Are You Building the Reputation You Really Want? – There are 3 brand reputations a professional services firm can build. It can be an Order Taker, Order Maker, or Dinner Party Host. But, it can’t be all 3.

    The 3-in-1 Drivers of Brand Preference –  If you want to differentiate your firm and drive brand preference, you must own an attribute that differentiates you. Pick from the right list.


    Accelerating Your Firm’s Growth

    Why Professional Services Partners Don’t Understand Marketing –  A marketer’s point-of-view about why the line lacks a grasp of marketing. My sincere and ambitious goal is to reconcile and build the collaborative power of both parties.

    How to Identify Your Ideal Client – Some firms wait until they have stopped growing and need to painfully retrench. Others do it when they’re king and have the luxury of excessive demand. Just make sure you do it.

    Escape Professional Services Commodification: Choose Your Value Proposition Words Carefully –  The point of a value proposition is to communicate your value to a prospect, to break through the noise, to be different. Choose your words purposefully.

    How Much Should A Professional Services Firm Spend On Marketing? – Benchmarking studies are common, but very wrong way to answer this question.  Top firms answer 5 strategic questions and allocate marketing investments for strategic impact. Underperformers just follow the benchmarking crowd and dabble.

    6 Tips for Assessing Growth Opportunities – Six hard-earned lessons to help professional services firms evaluate growth opportunities and achieve growth without squandering time, money, and irreplaceable resources.

    Preparing Your Firm to Compete in a Digitized World –  Content marketing is devouring your core business. It’s time for your firm to see beyond past success drivers, think differently, and learn how to compete.

    Discover Not WHY Clients Buy, But HOW – Examine just how client-centric your marketing is and where you can be better attuned to your client’s experience of choosing in order to increase your ROI.


    Jeff was a flashlight in the dark and a bottle of water in the desert.

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