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If you’re ready to grow with purpose, let’s talk.

I work with leaders:

Searching for a smarter approach to growth.

They’re savvy, but simply don’t have the marketing capability and resources required to deliver strategic impact.

Pursuing meaningful growth.

Leaders who are pursuing growth with purpose–not mindlessly chasing a revenue number. They want to impact their clients’ and team members’ lives for the better.

Stewarding their firm's legacy.

Culture is where growth and opportunity begin. The leaders I work with appreciate that their goal is to leave the firm stronger for the next generation.


CEOs, practice leaders, and P&L owners call me when they need a more strategic approach to marketing.

Prudent Pedal is not a creative agency. It is a strategic marketing consultancy. I do not make things look pretty. I set smart growth strategies in motion. I understand the complexities of the professional services world and I have demonstrated success at leading global consulting firms.


Here’s what to expect from me:

  • I listen. I think. Then, I act.
  • I address the issue behind—not the symptom of—whatever stands between you and a more virtuous growth cycle.
  • I ask tough questions.
  • I am direct and sometimes relay news that is difficult to hear.
  • I will help you to identify opportunities that drive growth–then ask you to make hard decisions to attack them.
  • I will synthesize a lot of seemingly disconnected pieces of information and opinions and turn it all into action.
  • I will create a growth plan that you can implement on your own or with my help.
  • I will lead by example.
  • I will help you and your team grow as a people and as leaders. I’d ask that you do the same for me.


I worked with Jeff on a joint consulting engagement and was immediately impressed by his ability to inspire and empower those around him. He has exceptional marketing strategy, vision and consensus building skills. Jeff is an asset to any organization pursuing positive change and growth.
David Vergara

Head of Global Product Marketing, Vasco Data Security

Are you ready for a more strategic approach to growth?