Professional services firm growth requires a focused, long-term marketing approach.

We help firms that want a more strategic approach to marketing, but don’t have the resources to deliver it.

Professional services marketing  is unlike that of other business-to-business marketing. It requires a focused, long-term—and prudent— approach to achieve success. It demands a structure that supports and promotes the unique qualities of advisory firms.

Clients differentiate and choose professional services firms based on three key attributes:

  • Expertise: Clients pay them because they are extraordinarily smart about a particular subject.
  • Results: Clients pay a premium for their knowledge and expect them to demonstrate the results that were promised.
  • Relationship: Clients want to work with people they trust: those who have their best interests in mind and are easy to do business with.

To drive smart growth, firms must optimize in two critical areas: the ability to communicate their promise to the market and the ability to deliver on that promise. Most firms only focus on one dimension.

Professional services firms that are underachieving their growth potential are normally underperforming in one of these two areas. That’s where we come in.


Are you experiencing the telltale signs of underperformance?

Any of these sound familiar?

  • Marketing has limited or no strategic impact (i.e. it throws parties and writes brochures).
  • Spending money sporadically and haphazardly on growing the business.
  • Your markets don’t know your firm or what value you provide.
  • Expectations are too low and lead to under-hiring and under-utilization of marketing capability.
  • Resources are allocated by partner power or line of business size, instead of strategic growth potential.
  • There is a complete disconnect between sales and marketing.
  • Jumping from marketing fad to marketing fad.
  • Marketing doesn’t understand business in general or the firm’s business specifically.
  • No one is measuring marketing’s impact because they do not know how, do not want to make investments to do so, or are afraid of shedding light on all that needs to be fixed.
  • Taking the path of least resistance and focusing on “activities” that can be controlled by individual producers with bogey responsibilities. (.e.g. individual sales “coaches,” decentralized marketing budgets, one-off events, and fads)

If you relate to any of these statements, your firm may not be on the path to smart growth. But it doesn’t need to stay there.

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