If your career with your firm ended today, would you be satisfied with the life you have led and your work’s contribution to it?


That’s a big question.


AND, perhaps one you might answer differently on a given day.


Take a minute, look back at your time with your current firm. How do you feel about the time spent?

  • Fulfilled
  • Exploited
  • Underutilized
  • Ignored
  • Unleashed
  • Lukewarm
  • Fired-up
  • Dissatisfied
  • Satisfied

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Why are you at your current firm?

Are you showing up fully alive or just showing up?

Are you proud of your firm and its reputation?

Are you coming to work with a sense of stewardship or an attitude of climbing as high and as fast as you possibly can?

Would you recommend your firm to a friend or colleague as a great place to work?

Would you recommend your firm to your younger self?



The prudent leader leads with magnanimity and humility.

Magnanimity requires us to strive toward great things with confidence, boldness, and excellence. Humility directs our lives to the service of others, not our own self-gain. Prudence asks us to be present to our circumstances and the choices we make. If the scale between the two is not balanced, question No. 7 gives us the opportunity to rebalance it.


Be prudent.


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