Strategic thinking and planning

A sign on my 9-year-old daughter’s door this week.

Do you set aside time every day to think, to ponder?

If so, where do you do your best thinking? At your desk? On a quiet walk? While you sleep? If you’re an extrovert, perhaps you talk it out with a confidant or peer. For me, it is on the bike. For my daughter, it is in her bedroom with the door closed. Wherever, or however, you do it, are you doing enough of it? You may be asking yourself, “How much is enough?”  Great question!

In our action-oriented business culture, “too much” thinking is often frowned upon. It looks indecisive, slow or disengaged. By the same token, “analysis paralysis” is quite real and has squandered many opportunities. So, it is important to separate decision-making from pondering.  The first is about defining an issue, collecting and weighing facts, and then deciding. Pondering is about possibility, about looking at the “what ifs…” of situations and about creating long-term impact on yourself and others.

I encourage you to think about where you do your best thinking, deciding or pondering, and then make sure you set aside time in that special place to do more of it.

How much time is enough?  You decide.

Be prudent.

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