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After 6 ½ years of writing the Prudent Thinking blog, I’ve reached a point that the blog no longer works for me. I need a change and because I’m the boss changes are coming.

That may sound selfish. After all, I write to you, my reader.  You’ve faithfully stuck around for years or you recently joined my prudent community with an expectation of getting more of what you’ve read from past posts. I get that and appreciate it. THANK YOU!  I hope that you stick around and get even more from Prudent Thinking.

Here’s what’s changing:

1.  My post will be more focused on life as a marketing leader or a rising star on his/her way to leadership Professional services marketers need more voices in their corner and support against the BS of PS.

2.  In-depth Strategy, Growth, and Marketing Transformation topics, because of their required depth, will be the focus of my whitepapers. I will provide relevant links and updates so you can build your knowledge and access my tools when you need to.

3.  My posts will be purposely shorter (My editor will be ecstatic).

4. I will post WEEKLY on Tuesday mornings. While working on a regular deadline will be hard for my INFP personality type, writing shorter posts should help. ;-)

5. Because the posts are shorter, the entire post detail will be included in my email.

If you’d like to see other changes or have a topic you’d like me to address, reach out!

I hope you enjoy the new format.

Be prudent.


PS I am making explicit your opportunity to interact with me one-on-one via email or phone. Some of my best conversations/thinking/posts come from readers who are courageous enough to reach out and ask the burning question that many others are wrestling with as well.

I look forward to hearing from you!!

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