Evaluating Growth Priorities with David Rhoads

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Growth priorities

Have you set ambitious growth priorities for your firm?  I suspect that you have, but are your sure that you have laid a strong foundations for their success?

Several weeks ago, I wrote a blog post on the fallacy of professional services productization. The piece struck a chord with our readers because the response was overwhelming.  I thought it would be a great idea to expand on the topic and had a conversation with a very smart friend of mine, David Rhoads, founding partner at Fahrenheit Consulting, who has helped many firms grow by launching new services.

David Rhoads, Founder, Fahrenheit Consulting.

As I wrote in my post, some firms honor the independence of their partners and trust they can translate recent client “wins” into new practice areas, but this approach often falls short. David talks about how hitting ambitious projections takes a lot more than a brochure and a sales goal. Sustained profitable growth is driven by a series of intentional choices.

David tells us how the most successful professional services firms approach organic growth in the same disciplined way that they tackle acquisitions.  Listen to learn why.

Be prudent.

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