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I am lucky to work with such great clients, partners, and teams.

Client and Partner Testimonials
I worked with Jeff on a joint consulting engagement and was immediately impressed by his ability to inspire and empower those around him. He has exceptional marketing strategy, vision and consensus building skills. Jeff is an asset to any organization pursuing positive change and growth.
David Vergara

Head of Global Product Marketing, Vasco Data Security

When Jeff works with leadership teams, it is like business therapy. He listens wholeheartedly, challenges respectfully, and helps teams think more strategically.
Louis Claps

Principal & Creative Officer, Exclaim!

I really appreciated how positive Jeff was with our team. I think encouragement and positivity keep people motivated during challenging times. I think others across the organization took note of Jeff’s approach and followed his lead.
Scott Swanson

VP, Business Transformation, Banc of California

Jeff provided great leadership on our brand strategy. His balance between listening and interjecting was excellent. He helped our leadership team sharpen our vision and ministry efforts.
C.H. Dyer

CEO, Bright Hope International

The dude is really good.
David Ryan

Managing Partner, Gray Matters Group

Jeff is a dynamic, committed and highly ethical professional. His confidence, combined with his sense of humor, balance perfectly and creates an environment for the free-flow of ideas and creativity needed in marketing. He’s an asset to any organization and a genuine good leader.
Robin Hicks

Partner, Bridgewater Consulting

Jeff was in complete control, educating our team about a very complicated business space, imagining and defining strategies for brand development, managing a very smart and senior client team, and just generally driving the project forward. His personality and the way he interacts with his clients and partners is wonderful. He’s got a great, supportive, positive energy that fosters creativity and open expression. In short, Jeff McKay is a top-notch marketing, business and branding strategist, and I recommend him and his agency as highly as I can.
Mark Skoultchi

Partner, Catchword Branding

Jeff helped us think about things in ways we never had.
Firm Managing Partner


Now I understand why our market segments, our solutions, and why our earlier approach attacking our markets was losing us money!  (response to Issues to Solution Matrix™ final results presentation)

Name omitted to protect the innocent

President, Global Software Company

…few people know how to actively listen, ask provocative questions and penetrate to the heart of a matter…Perhaps, that is why most marketing strategists seem stuck; they can’t explore, search and understand businesses the way Jeff McKay does.
Gunnar Branson

CEO, National Association of Real Estate Investment Managers

I genuinely loved The 20 Biggest Brand Mistakes.  Can’t say it any other way. Senior Partners will receive tremendous value out of this book. Great stuff!
Greg Fayarchuk

Canada – Managing Director, Conduent Human Resource Services

I admire Jeff’s passion for new challenges and driving the overall brand direction for organizations. Jeff is a leader who is well-organized, articulate, and motivated.
Mike Nash

Principal, KS&R

Jeff contributed far more to the organization than we could have dared to ask: he stepped in and led the marketing team as if he had been there for years, serving as mentor to support their professional development; he successfully ran and improved the marketing processes during a series of high pressure and time-sensitive work supporting several large software releases; he provided strategic consultative guidance to the management team; and he served as a very helpful sounding board for all kinds of topics for colleagues from every function.
Stratford Dick

Head of Product Management, Autosoft DMS

Jeff leads by example, is strategic, visionary and looks for opportunities to help his direct reports grow in their careers. He transformed the role of regional marketing at Towers Perrin while also managing the brand re-launch of the firm. He has helped me to excel in my career as a marketing professional.
Maria McGowan

Executive Director, DuPage Medical Group

Jeff’s work creating our client segmentation model was excellent. That work alone paid for the broader engagement.
Ed Staehlin, Jr.

Head of Global IT Operations, Strategy & Change Governance, Marsh

Impressive. Jeff is someone who has a deep expertise and has lived what he is writing about in The 20 Biggest Brand Mistakes Firm’s Make (and How to Avoid Them). He saved me a lot of time and heartache learning the hard way.  Jeff’s senior-level experience really shows. There are a lot of insight nuggets demonstrating he’s been on the ground and learning the hard way, which makes it more valuable to me – it’s not academic.
Michael Nikunen

Partner, Mercer

I’ve represented some of the top marketing and growth strategy leaders in the marketplace.  Jeff crowns that list.  He demonstrated an amazing ability to listen, consider a variety of options, and offer compelling advice on the best course of action.
Dan Gathof

Partner, Olympia Solutions

EHS Industry Analyst’s perspective on the  Brand Positioning & Value Proposition Work (Issue to Solution Matrix™) Prudent Pedal Led for Sphera

Following the buyout of the IHS OE & RM software assets by Genstar Capital in June this year, the new management team led …has moved at lightning speed to assess the business, shape a go-to-market strategy, and launch the new brand Sphera Solutions.

Sphera Solutions has intelligently retained the pre-existing focus on operational excellence as a primary business goal they are seeking to help their customers achieve on a journey from compliance via improved risk management and optimized performance. More importantly, the new leadership team has quickly moved to demystify the product, content and service portfolio on offer…the Sphera Solutions portfolio is broken out into operational risk, environmental performance, product stewardship… This no-nonsense presentation of products and services on offer speaks directly to buying communities with specific needs.

EHS Industry Analyst

Blog, Verdantix