Outsourced Marketing

Marketing that gets to work—now.

Have ambitious growth targets, but no  marketing capability to drive it?

The Catch-22 of Growth

Many firms want a more strategic and impactful marketing function, but don’t have the budget, headcount, or resources to deliver it.  They want to grow faster, but they can’t.

“Not all smart people work for you.”

Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems

My Point of View

It doesn’t make sense to outsource Marketing in all circumstances. Marketing’s role is not to make things pretty. Peter Drucker famously wrote, “A business has two functions, marketing and innovation.”

As a CMO and now as CEO, I would never outsource either of these client-centric, do-or-die functions unless I could gain a competitive advantage.  But, it does makes sense to outsource, if your organization is falling behind the market or you don’t have the strategic resources to drive smart growth. 

Prudent Pedal’s Value

By outsourcing the marketing function, firms can access the best thinking and practices of leading firms,  gain operational flexibility and better manage budget and priorities. Most important, they set their growth strategies in motion.

Prudent Pedal is strategic growth support. We become the marketing team and manage all the elements of the marketing function from strategy to operations to delivery. Your firm gets strategic marketing capability for the cost of a single full-time equivalent (FTE).

Jeff contributed far more to the organization than we could have dared to ask: he stepped in and led the marketing team as if he had been there for years, serving as mentor to support their professional development; he successfully ran and improved the marketing processes during a series of high pressure and time-sensitive work supporting several large software releases; he provided strategic consultative guidance to the management team; and he served as a very helpful sounding board for all kinds of topics for colleagues from every function. Stratford Dick

Head of Product Management, Autosoft DMS

Stop dabbling in Marketing and get growing.

Choose from one of our standard Managed Marketing Services packages that help you Attract, Convert, Close and Delight new business. 

With each package, Prudent Pedal acts as your chief marketing officer and sets your growth strategy in motion. I outline key growth strategies, build your platform, deliver key activities and monitor ROI.

Your marketing function should not be your competitor’s marketing function.

While firms share attributes, the optimal marketing organization is unique to each firm.

Even if firms are similar in discipline, size, and geographic footprint, they are very different in culture, strategic priorities, expectations of marketing, organizational structure and budget.


Does outsourced marketing make sense for your firm?

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