Optimal Marketing Organiztion

Your competitor’s marketing organization should not be your marketing organization.

Professional services firms were once leaders in relationship-driven marketing. Today, technology, culture, globalization, market disintermediation and buyer sophistication have left most of them behind.

Buyers have digital access to firm performance, client reviews, business insights, and highly competitive, specialized experts around the globe. Few marketing organizations have the leadership, skills, technology, culture, or courage to compete in this new environment of transparency and immediacy.

Making things pretty no longer gets the job done.


“The prudent course is to make an investment in learning, testing and understanding, determine how the new concepts compare to how you now operate and thoughtfully determine how they apply to what you want to achieve in the future.” 

Dee Hock


My Point of View

There is no perfect marketing structure, but… 

…there is an optimal structure for your business strategy, firm culture, and desired level of investment. Before building, cutting or reshaping your marketing organization, your firm must answer the 5 Tough Questions required for optimization.

Prudent Pedal’s Value

As a marketing leader at leading professional service firms, I have built high-performing marketing teams in unique business models, under all business conditions, in large and small organizations and across the globe. My teams drive above-industry growth rate and many of my former team members are now leading marketing organizations around the world.


I worked with Jeff on a joint consulting engagement and was immediately impressed by his ability to inspire and empower those around him. He has exceptional marketing strategy, vision and consensus building skills. Jeff is an asset to any organization pursuing positive change and growth.

David Vergara

Head of Global Product Marketing, Vasco Data Security

Get the optimal structure for your business strategy, firm culture, and desired level of investment.

I help you: 

  • Clarify marketing’s role in your organization
  • Identify the roles and skills you need to achieve your objectives
  • Assess gaps in your marketing capability
  • Develop your “Rising Stars
  • Build the appropriate marketing technology stack
  • Establish the proper performance metrics to help your team deliver
  • Set up your organizational structure



A firm will always underperform its growth potential until it gets focused on its growth priorities.

Having limited marketing resources means having to make difficult choices about where to invest.

Not choosing leads to dabbling in marketing; squandering your growth investments, and putting your firm at a competitive disadvantage.



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