Marketing Health Assessment

You can’t fix the problem until you diagnose it correctly.

Do your partners feel that marketing is not in fighting shape, but can’t agree on how best to improve it?

Leaders who seek me out are frustrated with their marketing results.

They don’t have enough leads; their brand lacks awareness; a competitor keeps flanking them; every practice has its own story and priorities; and the marketing team is either “too strategic” to get its hands dirty or “too tactical” to add strategic impact. Above all, the firm is not growing as fast as it needs to.

“Prudence implies a transformation of the knowledge of truth into the decisions corresponding to reality.”

Joseph Pieper

My Point of View

Firm leaders almost always think their “marketing problem” is a “Marketing” function problem.

Staff ineptness, website deficiencies, social media strategies, marketing budgets, the absence of brochures, lack of sales and marketing integration, CRM, or cross-selling demands are common complaints. Perhaps.

Often, the “marketing problem” in most organizations is the result of organizational dysfunction. I call this imperfection “messiness,” and it severely impacts marketing departments, often to the detriment of the firm.

You can’t fix the problem until you diagnose it correctly.

Prudent Pedal’s Value

Each firm is unique, but all firms wrestle with organizational alignment, determining strategic focus, identifying skill gaps, allocating marketing investment levels, setting growth priorities, overcoming cultural dysfunction, and myriad other issues when trying to grow.

I have set marketing strategy, built marketing organizations and aligned leadership teams in every industry, discipline, market conditions and business scenario.

I identify what’s holding your firm’s growth back and help you address the problem.

When Jeff works with leadership teams, it is like business therapy. He listens wholeheartedly, challenges respectfully, and helps teams think more strategically.

Louis Claps

Principal & Creative Officer, Exclaim!

Pinpoint and fix the issue.

Using a comprehensive marketing “terrain map,” I assess the effectiveness of critical parts of Marketing health. That’s Marketing with a capital “M.”

Marketing effectiveness, much like health and intelligence, is a “latent variable,” meaning that it cannot be directly observed, but it can be inferred from other variables that can be seen. My model is built on my philosophy, experience, best practices and a social science concept call “reciprocal causation”—that the assessed variables are interrelated and influence each other over time.

I provide a detailed explanation of each relevant component, including its importance in driving growth and client-centricity.  We explain what “ideal” looks like, pinpoint strengths on which to build and prioritize weaknesses to fix.

My assessment

  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses of your firm’s growth capability.
  • Prioritizes areas to address, based on current effectiveness and expected impact.
  • Provides recommendations on how to address issues.

Your firm can use the assessment to address the problems on your own, engage Prudent Pedal to help you, choose another firm to help, or simply leave things as they are.

professional services marketing assessment

Identify strengths and weaknesses of your firm’s growth capability



Prioritize areas to address, based on current effectiveness and expected impact.

Straight-forward recommendations on how to address issues.

A firm always underperform its growth potential until it gets focused on its growth priorities.

Having limited marketing resources means having to make difficult choices about where to invest.

Not choosing leads to dabbling in marketing; squandering your growth investments, and putting your firm at a competitive disadvantage.

Prudent Thinking on Marketing Capability

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