Strategic substance. Absorbing experts. Prudent delivery.

If you’re looking for a speaker who shifts your thinking and is willing to confront the elephant in the room, then Jeff McKay or Ted Harro may be the voice your event’s attendees or firm’s leaders need to hear.

Sample topics include:

Ten Signs Your Firm’s Marketing Is Not Achieving Its Potential: Is your firm growing faster and more profitably than your competitors? If the answer is “no,” then you marketing function may not be doing the things necessary to maximize your marketing investment.

Why Your Marketer Doesn’t Understand Your Firm’s Business: Is the wrong person leading your marketing function or has the firm simply not taken the time to educate your marketers about the business? Learn common mistakes partners make that lead to under-utilizing the company’s top marketing talent.

The Great Divide: Find out why sales and marketing functions so often butt heads, why it matters and what to do about it.

The Path to Peak Performance: Discover how leadership teams achieve top-notch results and why so many fail.

How to Pick a Good Fight: If your leadership team doesn’t have conflict, you’re probably lying to each other. Learn three keys to making sure it’s a good fight.

Why a Lying Sales Force Should Scare Leaders To Death: Learn the three reasons every executive team should pay attention to how their people achieve results – and three ways to ensure those results are healthy for the long-term.

Discover Not WHY Clients Buy, But HOW: Learn about “the five gates” of the buying process. Examine just how client-centric your marketing is and where you can be better attuned to your client’s experience of choosing in order to increase your ROI.

The Professional Services Brand and the Tiffany Box: This talk will challenge you to look differently at the visual and experiential dimensions of brand, and it will also likely save you a boatload of money the next time you are asked to rebrand your firm.

Creating the Optimal Marketing Organization: Are you asking “What is the best marketing structure for a firm of our size?” This presentation is designed to bring the clarity you need to align performance metrics, assess current strengths and weaknesses and begin prioritizing the people, process and technology required to create your optimal marketing function.

Aligning Marketing’s Goals with Your Partners’ Goals: Developing revenue– and growth-oriented metrics– is a much smarter way to support the firm’s growth and everyone’s success than being focused on click-throughs and webinar attendee numbers. Learn the six performance measures that will increase your marketing’s strategic impact.

Curing I-Didn’t-Know-You-Did-That-itis: Effective brand architecture will help you tell your story to clients and potential clients by first forcing yourself to ask, “Am I selling my clients drill bits or holes– and which does the client really want?” This presentation will take you there.

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