The BS of PS

Your guide to overcoming the roadblocks to growth and legacy in the wonderfully dysfunctional world of professional services.

Marketing is a visible and easy scapegoat for problems firm leadership may be unwilling to address.


I understand that growth in professional services is essential. Growth provides scale, opportunity, strategic options, and wealth. But to pursue growth for the sake of growth is the mindset of a cancer cell.  If growth is not managed properly, it can cost a firm its soul.

That is why have written The BS of PS: Overcoming the Dysfunctional Roadblocks to Growth and Legacy.
This article is the culmination of 20+ years in pro services leadership roles and management consulting. I outline:

  • Why firms do not achieve their growth
  • How firms fall into a dysfunctional cultural mindset.
  • Why firm leaders neither recognize nor address the fundamental issue limiting their growth.
  • Most importantly, how to overcome the negative attributes that accompany the many positives of professional services life.