The 20 Biggest Brand Mistakes Firms Make (and How to Avoid Them)

Your guide to helping you avoid mistakes professional services firms repeatedly make with one of their most precious assets.

Excellent information. As I read it, I had the sense that I was having a conversation with Jeff. It felt like he was bestowing his wisdom and trying to really help me. I wish more e-books were like this.
Connor O’Halloran

Vice President, Marketing, Marsh Data & Analytics

Is rebranding really worth it?

Rebranding is time-consuming, expensive and, more often than not, unfruitful. In addition to out-of-pocket outlays, the opportunity costs are huge. Rebranding efforts consume partner time, leadership team time, marketing time, training time, marketing resources, and marketing budget.

As a former chief marketing officer (CMO) and leader of various geography, industry, and practice marketing roles, I’ve helped rebrand some of the world’s top consulting firms and learned a lot along the way.

You’ll learn how professional services firms go astray in three major brand-related areas:

1. Leadership and Culture – Your inability to differentiate your firm and grow faster than your competition may not be a brand or a marketing problem. It might be a partner problem.

2. Strategy – Irresolution and the tyranny of choice can kill growth opportunities before they even have a chance to sprout. It’s like good seeds falling into bad soil. Make sure your soil is fertile.

3. Execution – You probably started here and you focused on the wrong things in the wrong way. It makes no sense to do very well those things that should not be done at all.

I know it sounds harsh, but until you address the inherent dysfunction of professional services organizations, your brand is never going to be up for its most important job–growth.  I know because I’ve been where you are.

Use the brand guide to:

Increase marketing's ROI.


Keep your political capital powder dry.


Produce results faster.


Take control of your firm's legacy.


Avoid confusing and alienating your clients.


Invest marketing dollars wisely.

If you are thinking about going down the road of branding a professional service firm this is a must-read book. Direct and to the point.
Andy Bosman

National Marketing Leader-US, RSM

Jeff has packaged a lot of hard-fought brand wisdom into this book. It’s a savvy, practical must-read for Managing Partners craving break-out growth and a legacy brand.
Rochelle Moulton

The @ConsultingChick and Unforgettable Brand Guru,

This is an outstanding piece—practical and insightful.  It felt like I was reading someone’s personal diary.  There is a lot in here and I wanted to stop and ponder after each section.
Larry Radowski

Managing Director, Strategy and Business Development, Integrated Project Management