Does the world really need another podcast?

It does if it confronts the “BS of Professional Services.”


Rattle and Pedal podcast logoThat’s exactly what Jason Mlicki of Rattleback and I are doing with our new podcast, Rattle & Pedal™, conceived last year and launching today

Jason and I refused to add to the marketing noise and “content” tripe pushed today. This podcast is a hard-hitting dialogue with two recognized leaders in the professional services industry. Jason offers the outside-in agency view and I provide the inside-out CMO perspective. Together, we challenge the professional services industry’s conventional wisdom on growth, branding, marketing, sales, and culture.

In our first episode, Why Your Marketer Doesn’t Understand Your Firm’s Business, we take head-on the unsaid but often felt, truth about Marketing’s existence in firms around the world.

In our second, The Marketing Trend Devouring Your Firm’s Core Business, we outline how SaaS companies are displacing traditional firms and becoming the next generation professional services firm.

Listen Now!

You can find our inaugural shows at or on iTunes or Stitcher. We will release new episodes twice a month. I hope you give the podcast a listen, enjoy the conversation, subscribe, and share.

Be prudent.™


Rattle and Pedal podcast


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