The Delusion of Managing a Professional Services Brand

Can you really manage a professional services brand?  Sure, you can choose a positioning, manage brand architecture somewhat, write a great tagline and boilerplate and control the visual identity, but those things really aren’t what professional services brands are...

Is failing to make growth decisions causing your firm to fail?

Who owns growth decisions in your firm? Confusion often reigns in professional firms about who makes decisions that affect a firm's growth. Is it the leadership team, practices, geographies, individual partners, BD, or marketing? Not knowing creates sub-optimal...

How Much is Organizational Dysfunction Impacting Your Firm’s Growth?

Most firms never achieve their growth potential because they do not recognize nor address the fundamental issue limiting their growth.

The Marketing Trend Devouring Your Firm’s Core Business

There is much talk about digitization’s impact on blue-collar jobs, including job elimination, skill depletion, and role obsolescence. From my vantage point, the risk is just as high, if not higher, for many “white-collar” jobs. The phenomenon is hitting some experts...

Don’t Make This Big Mistake With Your Brand Values: Branding Mistake No. 11

Many firms don’t formally define values until an agency tells them during a branding initiative that it is important to articulate "brand values." Of course, all agencies have some methodology to facilitate brand values discussions and build...

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Evaluating Growth Opportunities with David Rhoads, Managing Partner, Farenheit Consulting

by Jeff McKay | The Prudent Podcast

Lead Nurturing with partners Chris Aitken & Paul Gladen from Muzeview

by Jeff McKay | The Prudent Podcast

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