8 Prudent Questions to Ask Your Intern

Emily’s summer internship at Prudent Pedal ended last week. Before she left she wrote two blog posts,  In her first, she shared her learning about Marketing and offered a little advice to future interns. In this post, she answers 8 prudent questions about being a part...

Marketing Internship Advice From a First-time Intern

Hi, it’s Jeff. It’s hard to believe it, but sadly Emily’s summer internship has come to an end. She has been an INCREDIBLE addition to Prudent Pedal. She has all the qualities that top employers look for. She is intelligent, personable, articulate, confident, curious,...

2. What Are Our Goals?:  10 Questions Prudent Firms Ask Themselves

In my last post, I began a series on the 10 Questions Prudent Firms Ask Themselves. Question 1: Who do we want to become?  asks us to order our lives because our lives are shaped by what we live for. Question 2 now asks us What are our goals? in order to...

1. Who Do We Want to Become?: 10 Questions Prudent Firms and Leaders Ask Themselves

Who do we want to become? This is the first question prudent firms and leaders ask themselves. They ask this profound question to order their lives. Answering the question provides clarity about the legacy a firm will leave behind, including how the firm, its people,...

PODCAST: Responding to the Threat of Content Marketing

In Episode 3, Responding to the Threat of Content Marketing, Jason and I tackle the approaches professional services firms can use—must use—to defend themselves from the SaaS onslaught and the commodification of "proprietary" intellectual capital. Most firms think of...

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All firms reach this place.

The capability, service or consulting model that built your brand becomes commoditized, trite or simply out of fashion. You’ve stopped growing and redesigning your logo isn’t going to fix it.

Here’s how to get growing again.

A firm underperforms its growth potential until it gets focused on its  priorities.

Having limited marketing resources means having to make difficult choices about where to invest.

Not choosing leads to dabbling; squandering your growth investments, and putting your firm at a competitive disadvantage.

Are you allocating marketing investments to be fair or to drive growth?

You can’t do both.

Get your guide to a more intelligent and effective way to allocate your precious marketing dollars.

As a former marketing leader, I have helped rebrand some of the world’s top consulting firms. I learned a lot from my mistakes along the way.

The 20 Biggest Brand Mistakes Firms Make (and How to Avoid Them) is written for firm leaders to help you avoid mistakes professional services service firms repeatedly make with one of their most precious assets.



Does the world need another podcast?

It does if that podcast confronts the “BS of PS.”

Rattle and Pedal, hosted by Jeff McKay and Jason Mlicki, offers divergent thinking on growing professional services firms. Be prepared for an unorthodox exchange on life in professional services.

Evaluating Growth Opportunities with David Rhoads, Managing Partner, Farenheit Consulting

by Jeff McKay | The Prudent Podcast

Lead Nurturing with partners Chris Aitken & Paul Gladen from Muzeview

by Jeff McKay | The Prudent Podcast


There are two Marketing Schools of Thought in Professional Services.

The one your firm has chosen is delivering your current results. Did you choose the right school?

If you’re a practice leader or partner, one of your primary goals is hitting your number.

Improve your chances of hitting it by not asking marketing to do these 20 things that waste time and resources. Free them up so they can get to more demanding, and more valuable, work.

It’s always a good time to identify your ideal client.

Some companies wait until they have stopped growing and need to painfully retrench. Others do it when they are king of the hill and have the luxury of excessive demand.

It doesn’t matter when; just makes sure you do it.


Stop focusing on logos, colors, and taglines.

Building a brand takes time—and starts from the inside. With the right marketing strategy, you take the first steps to meaningful growth.

Free Strategic Marketing Tools

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Introducing the Rattle and Pedal podcast

Does the world really need another podcast? It does if it confronts the “BS of Professional Services.”   That’s exactly what Jason Mlicki of Rattleback and I are doing with our new podcast, Rattle & Pedal™, conceived last year and launching today Jason and I refused...

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How to Identify Your Ideal Client

If you want to grow faster, If you want to be more profitable, If you want to differentiate your company, If you want to deliver exceptional service, If you want to take the single action that would have the greatest impact on your firm, then, you need to Identify...

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