Stop focusing on logos, colors, and taglines.

Building a brand takes time—and starts from the inside. With the right marketing strategy, you take the first steps to meaningful growth.

The 3-in-1 Drivers of Brand Preference

Attributes that drive brand preference are akin to biblical laws. The Old Testament laws numbered 613. When Jesus was asked which of the laws was most important, he consolidated them all down to one; “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul...

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The Unnatural Act of Cross-selling

The whiz kids from your expensive strategy consultant will often tell you that cross-selling is the solution to your firm’s growth challenges. “If clients like and trust your tax, they will like your IT consulting,” they say. “If they like your intellectual property...

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How to Make Strategy Live When You’re Not in the Room 

Quick. Tell me the strategy of your organization. For bonus points, tell me how your team and your role fits into that strategy. And how it affects your actions each day, especially in terms of what you choose NOT to do as a result of the strategy. If you’re like most...

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Do you have high expectations for your marketing team?

With year-end approaching, many organizations are beginning their requisite employee evaluations. While evaluations are intended to provide fairness, paper trails and opportunities for "improvement," they are of limited value in either helping marketers become...

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4 Steps to Align Buying and Selling Mentalities

My marketing education began before kindergarten, but I "officially" began working in my family’s auto parts business when I was thirteen years old. By working in our company’s many stores over the years, I came to appreciate the business, our employees and our...

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