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This past week on a long bike ride I ran out of episodes of my favorite podcasts (Freakonomics, The Patrick Coffin Show, and 2 Bobs). My iPhone rolled over to the next available podcast; it happened to be the Rattle & Pedal episode on “Becoming the Leader You Were Meant to Be” with Ted Harro from Noonday Ventures. I listened to it as if I had neither heard it nor participated in its creation. I was amazed at the insights Ted offered our listeners. In particular, I loved his disdain (my word) for “leader as heroic figure,” the concept of picking a “class,” and what it means to “become the person you were created to be.”  Ted never disappoints me with his profound thinking.

With many miles to go and unsatiated after Ted got me thinking, I cycled (pun intended) through additional Rattle & Pedal episodes. Listening really made me appreciate how blessed Jason and I are with some phenomenal guests and listeners. When I got back home, I thought I would share some of my favorites from my ride.

These interviews offer evergreen ideas that you’ll want to listen to time and time again. I know that I will be listening to them again.

Becoming the Leader You Were Meant to Be — An Interview with Ted Harro of Noonday Ventures


Should You Be Doing Research During the Pandemic? A Conversation With Mike Nash of KS&R

I’ve known Mike Nash for more than 20 years. He is a phenomenal, no BS thinker, who works with some of the world’s top companies to understand markets. His insights are always valuable and I never pass up an opportunity to buy him a beer and listen to him talk.

The Pipeline Cliff — An Interview with Mark Wainwright on Sales Planning for Doer/Sellers

Mark Wainwright joined us on a Peer Stories episode that was so serendipitously timed for the COVID-19 shutdown that it seems magical. He shares his thoughts on the intersection where certainty ends and partners’ “night sweats” often begin—their pipelines.

Good Sale. Bad Sale—An Interview with Brian Caffarelli of Strategic Talent Solutions

Look up the definition of a humble leader in the dictionary and Brian Caffarelli’s picture will be there. Brian is part sales guru, astute business executive, adept therapist, and charitable priest. In this episode, he shares his revenue-generating mistakes, successes, and learning from a career at Hewitt Associates.  He offers valuable insights into sales decisions that can make or break a firm’s reputation, culture, and bottom line.

Let’s Get Radical – An Interview About POVs with Jody Padar, Author of The Radical CPA

It is not hyperbole to say that Jody Padar, The Radical CPA, is one of a kind. She is chocked full of insights, opinions, experience, and heart. She is a bonafide thought leader and shares (in a way only Jody can) what it takes to become a REAL thought leader—not just a self-proclaimed one.

You’re Already Serving Me. Now Sell To Me. A Conversation with David Ryan

In a world full of sales “gurus,” David Ryan, the founder of Gray Matters Group, introduces his unique approach to business development in a professional services firm by empowering billable professionals. He blows up the “Rainmaker as King” mindset and shares how he identified and attacked the problem with a solution others were either not smart enough to deduce or too intransigent to provide.

Aligning Strategy, Leadership, and Culture to Serve the Mid-Market with Andy Bosman of RSM

Andy Bosman, Chief Marketing Officer at RSM, and I are friends from our days at Andersen. We are kindred spirits when it comes to Marketing and its need to raise its game. In this episode, Andy shares how he has taken a lifetime of learning as a leader and snapped into a culture made for strategic impact.




If you have listened to these episodes in the past (or if you missed them), I encourage you to give them another listen this holiday weekend. You won’t be disappointed. If you would like to join Jason and me on Rattle and Pedal, let us know by going to

Finally, here are a few of those other podcasts that I enjoy listening to that you might like as well.

The Patrick Coffin Show

2 Bobs


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