One of the most common refrains I hear from partners who are feeling the rebrand bug is that they feel their firm’s brand is not “cool” or “hip” enough. They want to be associated with a cool brand like Apple, Nike, Facebook, or “Fill in the blank.”

Every time a professional firm tries to accommodate this desire, it fails. Professional services firms are unique, and your firm is unique in its own way. Don’t make the mistake of trying be the next Apple, Google, or Nike.

Be happy being you. 

My spiritual journey has taught me that envy is the path to exasperation, dissatisfaction, and emptiness. External coercion seldom changes a person on the inside. Self-awareness, however, leads us to drop the attachment(s) that make(s) us suffer. When we are mindful of why we desire an object or quality, we begin to open ourselves up to its hidden presence.

Take away

Individually and collectively, we are given unique gifts and qualities. Be present to the qualities that make you and your firm special— and perhaps a little odd. Own them. Celebrate them. Unleash them.

You will be amazed at what might happen.

Be prudent.

This post is excerpted from my newly released ebook,

THE PRUDENT FIRM’S GUIDE TO BRAND: The 20 Biggest Mistakes Firms Make (and How to Avoid Them).

Professional Services Branding MistakesIn my first “PRUDENT FIRM’S GUIDE,” I serve up a heaping plate of humble pie and share the multitude of mistakes I have made over my career as a marketer and business leader.

The goal is to help firms still making the same mistakes out of ignorance or fear to attack the “BS of PS.”

I hope you enjoy it!


“Excellent information. As I read it, I had the sense that I was having a conversation with Jeff. It felt like he was bestowing his wisdom and trying to really help me. I wish more e-books were like this.”  

Connor O’Halloran

Vice President, Marketing, Marsh Data & Analytics


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