What is Marketing?

My wife says that I tilt at windmills when I try to convince the professional services world that Marketing is strategic and more than making things pretty. Alliance partners and business leaders say they have the “strategic stuff” covered. My marketing peers wonder why I expend so much energy and political capital fighting an undefeatable foe.  After all, it’s easier to just ride a horse in the direction it is going.

In the immortal words of John McClane inspired by his love of old-time westerns in the movie Die Hard, “Yipee ki yay,…!”

Here is a typical conversation I have with audiences after my presentations, with prospects, marketing peers, and alliance partners.  There is a theme here.

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How to Identify Your Ideal Client

If you want to - grow faster, - be more profitable, - differentiate your company, - deliver exceptional service, and/or - take the single action that would have the greatest impact on your firm, then, you need to identify your IDEAL client before you do anything else....

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The Purpose of a Leader

In my 20 years working with some of the world’s top professional services firms, I have seen firms fly high and I have watched firms crash and burn. All the firms had highly educated people, great client relationships, and money coming in the door, but so many of them...

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