In a recent interview with Paul Gladen, President & CEO of Muzeview (and a recognized expert on thought leadership), Paul and I separate hype from prudence in the latest rage: “content marketing.”

Listen to Aligning Thought Leadership and Content Strategies to Drive Growth and learn about:

  • content marketing and lead nurturingThe relationship between thought leadership and content marketing
  • The critical success factors for content marketing
  • What the best firms are doing
  • Who owns content marketing
  • What firms are doing it well
  • How to take your firm’s game to a new level

Creating, curating and distributing content has been part of the professional services landscape for decades. Most firms do content creation well. What’s new (and where most firms fall short) is how firms align content to impact awareness, lead generation and customer acquisition. Today’s content marketing requires a new mindset, distinct metrics and supporting technology that enables truly client-centric marketing.

Spend a few minutes learning what you might do differently. Listen now.

Be prudent.


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