Prudence is right reason in action.

“When Jeff works with leadership teams, it is like business therapy. He listens wholeheartedly, challenges respectfully, and helps teams think more strategically.”

—Professional Services Firm Partner

Jeff McKay, Founder & CEO

Jeff-McKay-Prudent-Pedal-CEOJeff’s strategies have helped the world’s top professional services firms achieve industry-leading growth rates, optimize marketing investment and maximize brand value.  Jeff was the SVP of Marketing at Genworth Financial, the Global Marketing Leader at Hewitt Associates, and he held senior roles at Towers Perrin and Andersen.

Jeff helps leadership teams drive smart growth by creating prudent marketing strategies that align market opportunities with organizations and their brands.  He brings a wonderful balance of intuition and analysis to the table, actively listening for essential details, and facilitating the conversation to focus on new possibilities.

He earned an M.B.A. from Saint Louis University and a B.S. in Marketing from Illinois State University. He sits on the advisory board of the Salvation Army and is a Stephen Ministry leader.

Jeff is married and enjoys spending free time with his three kids and perfecting his “pedal stroke” with his Tower Racing cycling teammates.

Ted Harro, Partner

Ted-Harro-Prudent-Pedal-PartnerTed practices the art of linking strategy, everyday business and the long-term growth capacity of organizations to support their success. One of Ted’s strengths is in asking provocative questions in order to open clients’ eyes to new possibilities.  He then turns “light bulb moments” into action plans and results – all while unearthing the true issues in a group’s dynamics.

Additionally, Ted provides strategic facilitation, leadership coaching, and keynote addresses for clients.

Ted led the professional services division of Wilson Learning Worldwide and has helped facilitate and implement plans for a variety of well-known organizations in technology, industrial, professional services, and nonprofit environments in the U.S. and Western Europe. He holds a master’s degree in Organization Communication from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Ted is married and enjoys writing in his free time, teaching his kids soccer and piano, and spending as much time as possible outdoors.

Why “Prudent Pedal”?

Often misconstrued as meaning overly conservative or risk-averse, prudence is avoided in the hyped-up world of marketing. But in reality, prudence is the habit of making the right decision. It is practical wisdom.

Good judgment or wisdom gained from experience and knowledge, expressed in a realistic and frugal attitude. Prudence, however, is not the same as grave caution or wariness concerned only with preserving the status quo. If there is no real cause for fear, prudence lies in avoiding excessive deliberations and in the readiness to sacrifice today’s gain for tomorrow’s greater gain. —

Most important, Prudence is one of the four cardinal virtues, along with courage (which dares and stays the course), self-control (which directs passion to ultimate goal) and justice (which gives each his due). Prudence directs all the virtues.

At Prudent Pedal, we know prudence is the virtue that directs how our clients think and care about their client relationships, their businesses, and their legacies.

A word about pedaling…

A wise man once said that every person should have a sport into which he pours his heart and soul. More important than the health benefits are the rewards of a life-long quest of perfecting one’s art.

Be it Akido throws, swim strokes, or golf swings, the pursuit of incremental improvements and major breakthroughs provides discipline and focus that translates to our work, families, and relationships. The quest for perfection, while unachievable, is a challenge that calls us nonetheless.

At Prudent Pedal, we believe that the best firms are built around one being his or her “true self.” Often, this search for authenticity is a long, arduous journey.  Identifying and pursuing one’s passions is part of the process. Cycling is a passion for Founder Jeff McKay. Hence, the pedal in the name.

Pedal is also an analogy that speaks to creating energy, setting plans in motion, and achieving results—both on the bike and in the boardroom.

“I admire Jeff’s passion for new challenges and driving the overall brand direction for organizations. Jeff is a leader who is well-organized, articulate, and motivated.”

—Professional Services Firm Partner

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