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Think driving sustainable growth in a professional service firm is hard?

You’re not alone.

The trust-based relationships, intangible, fungible nature of solutions, matrix structures, the billable hour, contradictory performance measures, and up-or-out cultures make these firms unique. I call this the BS of PSIf not addressed strategically, these qualities lead to suboptimal growth and can cost a firm its soul.  Harnessed correctly they can build a legacy.

Want to overcome the BS of PS to accelerate your firm’s growth and build its legacy?

I'm Jeff McKay-Strategic Marketing Consultant.

After 20 years in the marketing hot seat helping top professional service firms grow, I now help others accelerate growth and build legacies.


Sure, you want to grow, but is your firm ready to?

Most firms think a “marketing” or “brand” problem is slowing their growth. Don’t be so sure. Self-score your firm’s effectiveness in 11 critical growth enablers. You can’t fix a growth limiter until you know what it is.

Brand mistakes professional services firms make

How to Get Sh*t Done in a BS of PS Culture

I received an email from a talented, self-described Young Turk marketer named Cannon. He was frustrated, exhausted, and struggling to overcome several onerous Sales and Marketing impediments at his firm. His question had multiple parts, but I’ll address just one here:...

12 Steps to Transform Professional Services Marketing

Professional services marketing is like no other.

Professionals services firms market complex, intangible solutions to what are big, public, and potentially embarrassing problems. The solutions are bought by the most sophisticated c-level buyers at top companies around the globe.  And, professionals must operate from Byzantine, matrixed systems in one of the most political and contentious ownerships structures, a partnership. 

10 Reasons Why Partners Don’t Understand Marketing

One of my more popular and controversial blog posts is “Why Your Marketer Doesn’t Understand Your Firm’s Business.” The title alienates professional services marketers before they get to the first sentence. It satisfies partners because it recognizes what they might...

Stupid Sh*t Professional Services Marketing Should Not Do

If you’re a practice leader or partner, you’ve probably received your sales “number” for this year. Your primary goal is hitting it. If you want your marketing team to improve your chances of hitting it, then stop asking them to do stupid s…

What is Marketing’s Role?: 2 Schools of Thought on Professional Services Marketing

What is Marketing's Role in Your Firm? Every year about this time cyclists ramp up an enduring argument. If you are a cyclist, you know where I am going; it's the great base-building debate. There are two schools of thought. The first is traditional, laid back and...

Are Your Firm’s Values Any Different Than the Local Dry Cleaner’s?

When I shop at Target, eat at McDonald's, buy a new bike at a local bike shop or even get my shoes shined, I expect the people I interact with to have integrity, provide great service, give me a quality product and be accountable for delivering what the company has...

You Don’t Have a Marketing Problem

In 2002 Rajat Gupta, then managing director of McKinsey, pushed the firm’s head of marketing and public affairs, Javier Perez, out of the firm. The reason: multiple partners had shared their dissatisfaction with the firm to writer John Byrne in a wide-ranging feature...

…few people know how to actively listen, ask provocative questions and penetrate to the heart of a matter…Perhaps, that is why most marketing strategists seem stuck; they can’t explore, search and understand businesses the way Jeff McKay does.

Gunnar Branson


Are you a leader 

Searching for a smarter approach to growth

You’re savvy, but just don’t have the marketing capability to deliver a more powerful result.

Pursuing meaningful growth

You’re pursuing growth with purpose; not mindlessly chasing a revenue number.

Stewarding your firm's legacy

Leading a powerful culture and leaving the firm stronger for the next generation, not managing some brand facade.


Some outstanding firms growing with purpose

Smart growth requires translating growth intent into action, fabricating an engine for growth, and activating the firm.


Marketing strategy should support a firm’s purpose and everyone should be on the same page.  If the tough strategic decisions don’t get made, the default is grow everything.  “Grow everything” is not a strategy. It’s dabbling.

I help you prioritize, choose, and translate your growth intent into strategic actions.

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Marketing can’t become a fulcrum for growth, unless leadership agrees on its role. There are two marketing schools of thought in professional firms. Not knowing which one you belong to leads to dabbling.

I build your marketing capability to deliver strategic impact—no matter your investment level, firm structure or culture.

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Marketing is about a relentless pursuit of understanding, anticipating and meeting client needs. Marketing does not end because tactics have run out.  If firm leaders accept tactical actions instead of strategic results, the firm is dabbling.

I drive revenue growth and increase marketing ROI.

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Stop trying to decide if marketing needs to be more strategic or more tactical.

The answer is, Yes.

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