Time is money.

Don't squander both dabbling in marketing.
Start growing.

We help firms accelerate growth and build legacies.

What does dabbling look like?

Trying to grow everything.  Investing some money here, investing some there. Doing a little of this, a little of that. Jumping from fad to fad. Making Marketing pretty, instead of effective.

Dabbling never leads to growth. It just wastes time, money, and growth potential. Strategic marketing capability, and therefore strategic impact, exists mainly in elite firms. The rest dabble.

That’s where I come in.

Stop Dabbling. Start Strategic Marketing.
I'm Jeff McKay-Strategic Marketing Consultant.
After 20 years in the marketing hot seat helping top global consulting firms grow, I now help firms stop dabbling and grow with purpose.

Growth in professional service firms is hard. Anyone telling you otherwise is selling snake oil.

The intangible, fungible nature of solutions, matrix structures, contradictory performance measures, competitive landscapes, and cultures make these firms unique.

These attributes amplify organizational friction and dysfunction.  If not addressed strategically, they lead to sub-optimal growth and can cost a firm its soul.  Harnessed correctly they can build a legacy.

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Purposeful growth requires translating growth intent into action, fabricating an engine for growth, and activating the firm.


Marketing strategy should support a firm’s purpose and everyone should be on the same page.  If the tough strategic decisions don’t get made, the default is grow everything.  “Grow everything” is not a strategy. It’s dabbling.

I help you prioritize, choose, and translate your growth intent into strategic actions.

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Marketing can’t become a fulcrum for growth, unless leadership agrees on its role. There are two marketing schools of thought in professional firms. Not knowing which one you belong to leads to dabbling.

I build your marketing capability to deliver strategic impact—no matter your investment level, firm structure or culture.

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Marketing is about a relentless pursuit of understanding, anticipating and meeting client needs. Marketing does not end because tactics have run out.  If firm leaders accept tactical actions instead of strategic results, the firm is dabbling.

I  drive revenue growth and increase marketing ROI.

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I’ve helped many outstanding firms grow with purpose.

…few people know how to actively listen, ask provocative questions and penetrate to the heart of a matter…Perhaps, that is why most marketing strategists seem stuck; they can’t explore, search and understand businesses the way Jeff McKay does.

Gunnar Branson


Imitation may be the highest form of flattery, but it’s no way to build your marketing organization.

While firms share attributes, the optimal marketing organization is unique to each firm. Your marketing organization shouldn’t be your competitor’s marketing organization.

Brand mistakes professional services firms make

Stop trying to decide if marketing needs to be more strategic or more tactical. The answer is, Yes.

It's time to grow with purpose. Let's talk about yours.

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