Time to Take Your Marketing Performance to the Next Level?

Firms reach a maturity and a competitive playing field that requires a more sophisticated sales and marketing approach to sustain competitive performance and growth.

We help firms get to their next level of performance.

There are two Marketing Schools of Thought in Professional Services

The one your firm has chosen is delivering your current results. Did you choose the right school?

The Problem


Leaders want their firms to:

  • Move upstream to larger clients and engagements
  • Leverage strong brand preference among existing clients to cross-sell services
  • Be more strategic in identifying high potential markets and ideal buyers
  • Allocate marketing investments for the highest ROI
  • Increase selling effectiveness and productivity
  • Develop stronger lead generation capability
  • Tell the firm’s  “story,” in all its growing complexity, more simply and consistently

Most firms don’t make the leap.

The Solution

Thinking AND acting differently.

All professional services firms share innate growth hurdles borne of matrix structures, incentives, fungible offerings, competitive markets, and unique cultures. Top firms think about these “barriers” in a new way and turn them into opportunities through smart strategic choices that most firms are afraid to make.

Top firms act quickly, but they don’t hurry. They set smarter growth strategies in motion with an action-oriented sales, marketing, and delivery structure that plays to THEIR strengths, strategic objectives, and cultures. They don’t build copycat, cookie-cutter Sales and Marketing functions. 

Failing to put this framework in place wastes your marketing investment and creates systemic risks to the business. Without it, firms waste valuable billable time, chase suboptimal sales opportunities, create longer sales cycles, develop weaker brands, grow more slowly, and let their competitors define who they are to their advantage. Ultimately, they get left behind.

Combining new thinking and acting creates an accelerated and virtuous growth cycle. 

After 20 years in the marketing hot seat helping top global consulting firms grow,

I created Prudent Pedal to help professional services firms think and act differently.


Who We Help

We serve business leaders in insight-driven B2B firms. 

Traditionally these firms have been “professional services firms” offering pure strategy, IT, financial, or human capital consulting solutions. Today, these firms are complex hybrids that provide a dynamic combination of professional services, software, and data.

Our clients sell sophisticated solutions to sophisticated buyers through complex buying cycles. Their markets are competitive, demanding, and dynamic. Their employees are intelligent, driven, and client-centric. Their organizational structures are matrixed and geographically dispersed. 

These leaders want guidance and demand prudent, proven solutions that accelerate growth and build strong brands.

How We Do It

We help business leaders accelerate growth by laying the proper growth-building blocks, augmenting marketing’s strategic capability, and increasing sales performance.

We develop smart growth strategies and build the sales and marketing organizations to deliver them—no matter your industry, size, geography or culture. We start by translating firm growth intent into action-oriented sales and marketing strategies, then we build the operations and enablement processes that align Sales and Marketing to drive growth.


How we DON’T do it.

We don’t take the path of least resistance or appease the largest practice. We don’t develop over-baked strategies that ignore external and internal realities, offer generic assessments, avoid hard choices and sit on a shelf. We don’t create pretty logos, write taglines or choose Pantone colors for your brand identity.  We leave that work to the overpriced strategy firms and “creative” agencies of the world.


We identify what’s holding your firm’s growth back and help you overcome it.  


Our Thinking

12 Steps to Transform Professional Services Marketing
12 Steps to Transform Professional Services Marketing

Professional services marketing is like no other.

Professionals services firms market complex, intangible solutions to what are big, public, and potentially embarrassing problems. The solutions are bought by the most sophisticated c-level buyers at top companies around the globe.  And, professionals must operate from Byzantine, matrixed systems in one of the most political and contentious ownerships structures, a partnership. 

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10 Reasons Why Partners Don’t Understand Marketing
10 Reasons Why Partners Don’t Understand Marketing

One of my more popular and controversial blog posts is “Why Your Marketer Doesn’t Understand Your Firm’s Business.” The title alienates professional services marketers before they get to the first sentence. It satisfies partners because it recognizes what they might...

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Brand mistakes professional services firms make

Sure, you want to grow,
but is your firm ready?

Most firms think a “marketing” or “brand” problem is slowing their growth. Don’t be so sure.

Self-score your firm’s effectiveness in 11 critical growth areas.

…few people know how to actively listen, ask provocative questions and penetrate to the heart of a matter…Perhaps, that is why most marketing strategists seem stuck; they can’t explore, search and understand businesses the way Jeff McKay does.

Gunnar Branson


Jeff contributed far more to the organization than we could have dared to ask: he stepped in and led the marketing team as if he had been there for years, serving as mentor to support their professional development; he successfully ran and improved the marketing processes during a series of high pressure and time-sensitive work supporting several large software releases; and he provided strategic consultative guidance to the management team…

Stratford Dick

Head of Product Management, Autosoft DMS


Strategy Development

We help you prioritize, choose, and translate your growth intent into strategic actions.

  • Build brand awareness
  • Establish a more strategic marketing approach
  • Identify high potential markets and ideal buyers
  • Move upstream to larger clients and engagements
  • Leverage strong brand preference among existing clients to cross-sell

Learn more.

Driving Marketing Performance

We help build marketing capability that delivers strategic impact—no matter your investment level, firm structure or culture.

  • Strengthen your Marketing team
  • Allocate marketing investments for the highest ROI
  • Build a strategic high-performance Marketing organization
  • Develop a digital lead generation platform

Learn more.

Aligning Marketing with Sales

We develop the playbook that unleashes your teams’ combined strengths.

  • Increase Sales productivity & effectiveness
  • Produce higher quality leads
  • Improve key account performance
  • Deliver better sales intelligence and messaging

Learn more.

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