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The Messiness of Professional Services Marketing

Prudent Pedal is a marketing consultancy that helps service firms overcome the messiness of professional services to set smart growth strategies in motion.

Our name is simple. Prudent describes our pragmatic, discerning approach. Pedal is a cycling analogy about maximizing the ROI of marketing.


When it’s time to reinvent the firm

At some point, the capability, service or consulting model that built your brand becomes commoditized, trite or simply out of fashion in the business world. You have stopped growing and redesigning your logo isn’t going to fix it. It happened to actuaries at the HR... read more

The Roles You Need on Your Marketing Team

Professional services marketers fight hard to achieve their titles. Newbies start out as coordinators, move to managers, if they prove themselves, become directors, if they stick around long enough, and often become CMOs when they jump ship and negotiate the title... read more

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